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Minister's Message

Environmental degradation is a local and international concern, thus protecting the environment should be a priority to all citizens. In this regard, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and the Ministry of Housing, Land and Marine Affairs give its full support to The CEPEP Company Limited as it continues its environmental protection and enhancement initiatives.

The CEPEP Company Limited has come a long way from its inception. Through its initiatives, the Company had made significant strides in environmental cleanup and maintenance, coastal improvement and cleanup, disaster and emergency response and social responsibility. With the right focus, the Company can only continue this steady progression and achieve its objectives.

The Ministry will continue to forge a synergy with The CEPEP Company Limited to further strengthen institutional frameworks and develop the capacity to fulfil this part of its mandate.

I thank those who have contributed to the successful achievement of initiatives thus far and I anticipate continued teamwork and success. I encourage all citizens to protect the environment and cease the polluting. The efforts of The CEPEP Company Limited should serve as a constant reminder to all Trinidad and Tobago citizens about the importance of environmental preservation for a green economy and brighter future.

Dr. the Honourable Roodal Moonilal

Minister of Housing, Land and Marine Affairs
Chairman's Message


At The CEPEP Company Limited, we believe that protection of the environment lies in our hands. We are the premier environmental protection company which fosters national pride at the community level through various initiatives. We focus on what we can do, how we can grow and we are doing what it takes to make a difference.

The relocation to a new Head Office now affords us the opportunity to officially establish a presence and position ourselves as a corporate body. With better organization we can make a bigger impact. As we develop, we are seeking to establish standards, form renewed perceptions in the minds of public citizens and focus on employee inclusion, upliftment and training.

The commitment of the Contractors workers and CEPEP staff to our goal of environmental enhancement is a true testament of their hard work on land, wetlands, waterways and along our coastlines.

Our social responsibility to the Nation grows each year as we undertake hundreds of projects to enhance the lives of fellow citizens. The Board and Management of The CEPEP Company Limited are proud of the hardworking members of our CEPEP family.

2013 promises to be a successful one as we continue to grow. Environmental preservation and green initiatives are becoming more crucial as people are realizing the harmful effects. The Company will continue to play an integral role as we continue our strategic direction to create positive national impact by being environmentally focused.

Mr. Adesh Deonarine
Chairman of The CEPEP Company Limited