210,000 bags of garbage collected in marine spaces along the west coast since 2012.
Find out what CEPEP has been doing to help preserve wetland habitats like the Caroni Swamp.
Guardians of our Marine Spaces
Minister's Message



The CEPEP Company Limited continues to evolve and has made significant progress since 2010. The commitment of the Company to its mandate of environmental enhancement and protection, as well as its drive to go beyond its core service will certainly allow The CEPEP Company Limited to reach new heights and be an exemplar in community preservation and development.

The initiatives and achievements of The CEPEP Company Limited are indications that the CEPEP Programme has come a long way from its inception. The Company has made significant strides in environmental cleanup and maintenance, wetland and marine cleanup, coastal improvement, disaster and emergency response and social responsibility. I wish to commend Chairman Adesh Deonarine and the Board of Directors for their astute guidance, the Management for their efficient leadership and the Staff for their dedication, diligence and teamwork.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development will continue to forge a synergy with The CEPEP Company Limited to further strengthen institutional frameworks and develop the capacity to fulfil this part of its mandate. The Government of Trinidad and Tobago and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development give its full support to The CEPEP Company Limited as it continues along its path of positive development and we wish the Company continued success.

I encourage all citizens to be mindful of the harmful effects of pollution and other environmental ills. Environmental degradation continues to be a local and international concern, so let us do our part to protect and preserve the environment.


Dr. the Honourable Roodal Moonilal
Minister of Housing and Urban Development

Chairman's Message

The CEPEP Company Limited has come a long way since my appointment to the Board as Chairman in 2010. The Company has evolved positively and continues to show a steady progression as it maintains focus on becoming the premier environmental protection company which fosters national pride at the community level. As an Agency of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, The CEPEP Company Limited remains committed to its mandate of environmental protection and enhancement and focused on its strategic direction through the establishment of various environmental and corporate initiatives.
The CEPEP Company Limited continues to provide purposeful training opportunities for its Contractors and workers as the CEPEP programme has expanded to over 200 Contractors located in different communities throughout the country. Another major initiative, CEPEP Marine, continues to remove waste from wetlands, inland waterways and marine spaces. Approximately 240,000 bags of garbage have been removed since the start of the initiative in 2012 and this figure continues to grow.

In an effort to further exercise its core responsibility of environmental protection and enhancement and to create positive national change, The CEPEP Company Limited is now undertaking highway grounds maintenance. The CEPEP Company Limited maintains its work relationship with the ODPM as a second responder to provide cleanup operations and assist affected citizens during natural disasters, whilst its Dead Animal Removal team continues to be operational on major roadways and highways. The CEPEP Company Limited remains a community partner and continues to exercise its social responsibility through numerous projects which assist indigent persons and communities across the country. CEPEP DOES MORE and will continue to do more!
I wish to thank our Prime Minister, The Honourable Kamla Persad-Bissessar for her support and encouragement and our line Minister, Dr. The Honourable Roodal Moonilal, for his vision, insight and guidance as we continue to evolve and grow the Company. I wish to also thank the Board, Management, Staff, Contractors and CEPEP workforce for their contribution to our achievements and I anticipate continued teamwork and dedication for further success of the Company. The CEPEP Company Limited will continue to play an integral role in creating positive national impact by being environmentally and community focused.

Mr. Adesh Deonarine
Chairman of The CEPEP Company Limited