To be the premier environmental protection company which fosters national pride at the community level.


Working for the nation by protecting, enhancing and build our communities through environmental entrepreneurship.

The CEPEP Company Limited, an Agency of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development is one of the main pillars in the National strategy for development of the Green Economy of Trinidad and Tobago. It is responsible for managing the Community-Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP). CEPEP focuses on the environmental protection, enhancement and beautification in service areas known as environmental work areas (EWAs). At the community level, CEPEP seeks to enlighten communities on the need to improve and protect the environment. The programme is organized on the basis of contractual work in EWAs, where contracting companies are responsible for recruiting and managing workers to achieve targets. The programme also presents the opportunity for contractor and employee development.

By developing the programme at the community level, CEPEP�s goal was to enlighten communities as to the need to improve and protect the environment. It was felt that by involving people at the community level, they would have a larger stake in preserving their environment. The programme was organized on the basis of the deployment of contracting companies in these EWAs who were responsible for recruiting and managing their workers in order to achieve the beautification targets. The programme also presented yet another opportunity to upgrade the skills of the staff of contractors and hence skills training became a major element.


  1. Community Driven – The commitment to support viable initiatives at the community level and to promote disciplined and responsible behavior through all our activities.
  2. Entrepreneurship – The commitment to combine resources in order to seize any business opportunity that presents itself in the interest of our contractors and community entrepreneurs.
  3. Partnership -The commitment... to partner with other government and/or private agencies in the furtherance of the objectives of business development and environmental enhancement.
  4. Environmental Friendliness – The discipline and commitment to ensure that our contractors operate according to global standards in caring for the environment
  5. Public Accountability - The commitment to allow all our transactions to stand up to the scrutiny of our major stakeholders, the public of Trinidad and Tobago


  1. Environmental Cleanup and Beautification
  2. Coastal Improvement and Cleanup
  3. Dead Animal Removal Team (DART
  4. Disaster and Emergency Response Projects(DERT)
  5. Illegal dump site removal
  6. Waste Removal & Eco sites managemen

The Board of Directors of The CEPEP Company Limited was appointed on November 25, 2010.


   Adesh Deonarine


   Mr. Bernard James
   Ms. Lauren-Ann Legall
   Mr. Leon Prevatt
   Mr. Morton Mitchell
   Ms. Raquel Birbal
   Ms. Sonelle Alleyne
   Ms. Tisha Marajh
   Mr. Wilfred Farrell