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About the CEPEP Company Limited


To be the premier environmental protection company which fosters national pride at the community level.


Working for the nation by protecting, enhancing and building our communities through environmental entrepreneurship.

The CEPEP Company Limited, an Agency of the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government, is one of the main pillars in the National strategy for development of the Green Economy of Trinidad and Tobago. It is responsible for managing the Community-Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP). CEPEP focuses on environmental protection, enhancement and beautification in service areas known as environmental work areas (EWAs). At the community level, CEPEP seeks to enlighten communities on the need to improve and protect the environment. The programme is organized on the basis of contractual work in EWAs, where contracting companies are responsible for recruiting and managing workers to achieve targets. The programme also presents the opportunity for contractor and employee development. Its Ste Madeleine location now allows the Company to create a stronger presence through better organization and efficiency. The CEPEP Company Limited continues its strive to be the premier environmental protection company which fosters National pride at the community level and remains committed to its mandate of environmental protection and enhancement. This is reflected in the expansion of the CEPEP Programme to cover different communities, its community partnering and the establishment of various environmental and corporate initiatives for the positive progression of the Company.

The CEPEP Company Limited is safety conscious and is committed to building Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) competence through continuous training and certification of its Contractor employees. The institution of CEPEP uniforms for CEPEP teams provides comfortable and professional uniforms that comply with OSH guidelines and establishes an identity and sense of belonging for CEPEP workers. The CEPEP Company Limited also encourages integrity and social dialogue among its Contractor workers through its Decent Work Agenda consultations. These consultations focus on freedom of speech, equity, security and human dignity. The CEPEP Company Limited will continue along its path to growth and positive development as it remains committed to its vision, mission and social responsibility.

Core Values

  1. Community Driven – The commitment to support viable initiatives at the community level and to promote disciplined and responsible behavior through all our activities.
  2. Entrepreneurship – The commitment to combine resources in order to seize any business opportunity that presents itself in the interest of our contractors and community entrepreneurs.
  3. Partnership -The commitment... to partner with other government and/or private agencies in the furtherance of the objectives of business development and environmental enhancement.
  4. Environmental Friendliness – The discipline and commitment to ensure that our contractors operate according to global standards in caring for the environment
  5. Public Accountability - The commitment to allow all our transactions to stand up to the scrutiny of our major stakeholders, the public of Trinidad and Tobago

What We Do

Environmental Protection and Enhancement:

  1. Environmental Cleanup, Beautification and Maintenance
  2. Coastal Maintenance
  3. Wetlands, Inland Waterway and Marine Space Maintenance
  4. Disaster and Emergency Response (DERT)
  5. Dead Animal Removal (DART)
  6. Waste Removal
  7. Eco Sites Management

CEPEP Marine

CEPEP Marine is an initiative dedicated to cleaning and maintaining wetlands, inland waterways and marine spaces. The CEPEP Marine team is responsible for the removal of solid waste and decayed vegetation which is deposited in these areas. Waste consists of plastics, styrofoam, tyres, sinks and mattresses with the majority being plastics. Since the start of the initiative in 2012, approximately 180,000 bags of garbage have been removed and this figure continues to grow as places such as Caroni Swamp, Woodland River, Godineau River, Cepia River, King's Wharf (San Fernando), Pointe-a-Pierre, St. Margaret's, Claxton Bay, Mosquito Creek (Shoreline, Mangrove), Otaheite Bay, Anchorage, Chaguaramas, Foreshore, Macqueripe, Caranage, Diego Martin River, La Soufriere and Coast Guard Base, to name a few are continuously cleaned.

DERT (Disaster and Emergency Response Team)

The CEPEP Company Limited partners with the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) as a second responder to provide cleanup operations during natural disasters. The Disaster and Emergency Response Team (DERT) undertakes cleanup operations when communities and homes of victims are affected by floods, landslides and other natural disasters.

Business Services

The CEPEP Company Limited also provides services for residential and business places. All necessary equipment and material are provided to get the job done. Interested persons can contact the CEPEP Business Development unit at 698-CPEP (2737) for more information. Services include:

  1. Commercial and Residential Landscaping
  2. Grounds Maintenance and Beautification
  3. Heavy Equipment Rental
  4. Waste Collection and Disposal
  5. Small Construction
  6. Marine and Beach Cleanup
  7. Dead Animal Removal

Board of Directors

The Community-Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP) is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of persons appointed in accordance with the Companies Act of Trinidad and Tobago. The Chair and five (5) other members are accountable to the Minister of Rural Development and Local Government. The Board of Directors was appointed in 2015.

Acting Board Chair

Ms. Susan Hong

Board Members

Ms. Susan Hong (Deputy Chair)
Mr. Chinua Alleyne
Ms. Farah Mohammed
Ms. Solange Henry
Ms. Nancy Wilson-Joseph